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March 24th Update

For those of you waiting, we received a pallet of Akadama and Black Lava yesterday. We will have The Sifted Premium Mix (also known as west coast mix, or Boon mix) available Friday for $52.50 per 5 gallons.  We held the old price for 6 years, but our costs have increased.  Just check what is available over the internet, (don’t forget the cost of shipping)  Our mix is still a bargain.  
We also have the 50% sifted Compost / 50% Haydite blend available for $25.00 for 5 gallons. 
Both products a have small particle horticultural charcoal added to help the soil.

Saturday, March 25th, “Crape Myrtle day”, Timeless Trees, Rosenberg, 9 AM – 4 PM.  ( 8 spots total, 2 spots open) We have Shohin sized – Chickasaw variety, medium sized Pocomoke variety, and larger specimens  available for purchase.  Focus will be on styling.  We have shohin sized trees in both Chickasaw cultivars, and Pocomoke cultivars. And some very large specimens we got last year from Florida. The price will be based upon the size of tree you want. 

  1. The Chickasaw (pink) ones will be $50 + Workshop = $75.00 (these Trees have been repotted into a “ Western” mix of Akadama, lava and pumice, in a ceramic pot.)
  2. The Pocomoke ( also pink), also suitable for shohin, will be $75 + Workshop = $100.00 ( these Trees have been repotted into a “ Western” mix of Akadama, lava and pumice, in a ceramic pot.)
  3. The specimen sized trees we have vary in price, most have trunks greater than 2 inches, several over 4 inches.  Priced individually + $25.00 for the workshop.

Saturday, April 1st, Boxwood Forests, Timeless Trees, Rosenberg, 9AM – 1 PM.  ( 8 spots total, 4 spots open) Come join us and make a forest of easy to care for boxwoods.  We will provide a shallow pot, or you can bring a kurama, slab or stone, of your own. We can help you with a forest of Kingsville miniature boxwoods, or a forest of Japanese boxwoods.  Priced depending on species and quantity.

Wednesday, April 5th , Houston Bonsai Society stated Meeting, Herman Park, 7 PM Refreshments, 7:30 Meeting starts,  Program will be presented by Hurley Johnson  on “Insects and Diseases””

Saturday, April 8th , Saturday Study Group, Timeless Trees, Rosenberg, 9 AM – 12 Noon, Free, Refreshments provided. Yes there is the LSBF State Convention this weekend.  But we will be open, and Ray will be hosting the Saturday Study Group.

 LSBF and Dallas Bonsai Society host the state Convention, “Bonsai: Make the Cut” , April 6th -9th.  Sheraton Dallas North Hotel, Demos, Lectures, Workshops, Exhibits, Vendors, Raffle, Auction.  Guest Artists – Bjorn Bjorholm, Daisaku Nomoto, and Juan Andrade.  For more info, contact http://www.bonsaisocietyofdallas.com/convention2017/Registration%20Form%20and%20Workshop%20Listing%202017.pdf

Saturday, April 15th , Basic Bonsai #2, Styling, Pruning and wiring. 9AM – 1 PM, $60.00, (8 students max, 4 spots open)   Focus will be on styling and wiring a tree. We will provide tree, wire, handout and wire cutter.

Upcoming events
Brussels Annual Rendezvous, Brussel’s Bonsai Nursery, Olive Branch Mississippi, May 25th – 28th          
American Bonsai Society/ Bonsai Society of Florida Convention, Orlando, FL May 25th -28th
Tropical Bonsai School, Reunion with Pedro Morales, Timeless Trees, June 9th – 11th.    


If you’re in the greater Houston / Rosenberg, Texas area and interested in growing bonsai trees, then Timeless Trees has much to offer to meet your bonsai needs. We sell quality bonsai trees, starter kits, supplies and accessories to help you grow beautiful specimen quality bonsai plants.

Timeless Trees offers one-on-one training through intensive bonsai classes and workshops. We teach you how to care for your bonsai and keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Our instructors are some of the best and most knowledgeable in the country. Because of this individualized service, we do not sell supplies, trees, or other bonsai related products online.

We are located in Rosenberg, Texas, just 30 miles southwest of downtown Houston, just a short drive down HWY 59 South. Our retail and training facilities are located less than two miles off 59 (the Southwest Freeway). Take Exit 36 off Hwy 59 in Rosenberg. A good map is here

We are open Fri – Sat 9 AM – 3 PM, and we are usually available by appointment. So give us a call, use our contact page to inquire about workshop schedules or to sign up for one of our instructional workshops. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Hurley Johnson
Timeless Trees Bonsai

Timeless Trees Bonsai - Neea buxifolia Forest
Neea buxifolia Forest

Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) is an ancient oriental horticultural art form. The word Bonsai literally means, in both Chinese and in the Japanese language, tree-in- a-pot. Originally developed in the Orient almost 2000 years ago, today the sublime art of bonsai is practiced throughout the world. Shape-harmony-proportion-scale are all weighed carefully as art, and the human hand combines this in a common cause with nature.

Definition quote from BCI What is Bonsai Page